See Laser Cutters at Work Thanks to YouTube

Laser cutters are pretty amazing. They can cut through a variety of materials to create custom works of art or to engrave the name of a company into a heavy sheet of metal. They can engrave lettering so small that the naked eye would have trouble discerning it, or it can mark products for easy assembly or identification. Laser cutters are also used to make signs and stencils, but can also be used for delicate work, like cutting intricate designs in high quality paper to be issued as invitations to a wedding or other event.

Even more fascinating that what laser cutters can do is watching the cutters at work. It is mesmerizing to watch one of these machines for a couple of reasons.

One is the fact that it works with such precision. It can cut two pieces within a hairs width of each other and still keep them separate. This is pretty amazing on it’s own. But, it’s also fascinating because all the eye can see is the device swirling around with a light at the end. It doesn’t really look like it could do anything, much less cut through virtually an material that is laid under it.

These machines work with different types of software to create specific fonts, patterns or looks. The end user can take a photograph, break it down into wire-frame and then have it transposed into a piece of wood, metal, rubber or plastic. The image can be cut out entirely, leaving only certain details or it can be etched with detailed shadowing. The options available seem to be endless.

Users can create the exact thing over and over again, or they can make small variances in the program so that each thing created is just a little bit different. In the end, it’s up to the person who owns the machine just what they want to do with it.

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