I Have a Bundled Package That I Really Like

Not that long ago, I went online to look for a new phone. Mine was over six years old, and I was just having trouble with it. I also wanted to get one that has a nice camera on it because I love to take pictures. The pictures my old phone took were pretty bad though, which shows just how far technology has come in six short years. I found a great deal on one when I saw an ad that said to click here to save money. I went to the link, and it was for ATT services.

I had never had ATT before this, but I knew that I would be able to switch to them with no problems. Sometimes there are places where a certain company cannot get good reception, but friends of mine have ATT and they have never had any problems like that here in town. I liked the deal they were offering on the phone, but it was more than that. They had several promotions going, including a bundled package that included Directv programming. I did not have any programming for a couple of years up to that point because the local cable company had just gotten too expensive for me to justify the expense.

When I looked at the price of getting my phone, a great deal on the phone service and Directv programming as well, I knew that I was going to treat myself to all three. I wanted the phone because of the amazing camera, plus it would be nice to download apps and not be told that my phone is not compatible because it is just too old. I also liked that I would be able to watch my favorite shows once again. I had given up on a lot of them because I just didn’t like watching them on my computer. This is all working out just fine for me too!