A School Trip to Remember

I sometimes miss my high school years. I like to fantasize about the good times I had with my friends and fellow classmates. One Recently, I met up with some of my old friends and we talked about the good old days. One memory that we all had was our trip to Singapore. We had so much fun on that trip. It was so full of many twists and turns. We actually got stranded in Singapore, but a bus charter in Singapore actually saved us and came to our rescue. Their help was greatly appreciated.

We won a trip trough a contest. I was part of my school’s science club. We would compete with students all around the country in quiz bowls. We would face some of the nation’s best and brightest students. It was hard at times, but we persevered. We became the nation champions and won the first prize. We got one the greatest prizes to get, a trip to Singapore with all expenses paid for our entire club. We were so happy.

Our flight to Singapore was lone, but fun. I mostly talked with my friends and listened to my mp3 player most of the flight. We saw the vast ocean and cities from the skies. After a couple of hours, we finally landed at out destination. The city was beautiful. We took a bus to our hotel, but we had a problem. Our bus had a flat tire and was out of commission. We were scared that we would be stranded. Our teacher called a bus charter company and they sent a bus to carry us to the hotel and for the rest of our vacation. I was so thankful that the company was able to send us a new bus to transport us during our vacation. We had a good time.