The Reason I Started Going to a TCM Clinic

I had no idea that traditional Chinese medicine was as extensive as it is as far as the different diseases that it can treat. I honestly thought before I learned more that it was just acupuncture and herbs, not even considering that it is a viable method to treat some serious conditions. A good friend is the one who convinced me that I may be thinking about it wrong, so I did a search for traditional Chinese medicine for Singapore residents on my computer, and I focused my attention on a local clinic that is not too far from where I live.

One of the reasons why my friend wanted me to look into this is because when we go out to eat, I was not able to enjoy a wide variety of dishes like he and my other friends. It is because I knew that if I ate the majority of the foods that they were eating, I would probably end up sick. I had always been that way, so it was not a huge deal to me to not be able to eat a lot of different foods.

My doctor had told me I just had a food sensitivity issue, but my friend told me that there were ways that I could overcome that. He finally convinced me to look into it, and that is how I found myself at the TCM clinic that he goes to. I was impressed with the first visit, and that was even before I go to the examination room. The staff there is just so friendly while maintaining their professionalism, and I did not feel a bit awkward like I thought I would. My doctor there is working with me to overcome my food sensitivity issues, and I am so glad because I am discovering a world that I could never imagine before!