How Hard is to Get an App Made?

I was surprised when the boss told me to come out to lunch with him today. In fact I was in no shape to work when we got back, because he seems to think lunch consists of three or four mixed drinks and he expected me to drink with him. However he gave me an assignment and I am not really sure why he picked me. At the same time I do not know who would be a better choice to investigate mobile application development in Singapore here in this office. The trick is going to be pretty good and really complicated, because I do not get the idea that he has a real grasp on the cost of this project. What he needs is something that the clients want and it is pretty obvious when you think on it. They are all walking around with a mobile phone and they can get on our web page and do a lot of the stuff, but they can not access their accounts.

Obviously the key idea is that you want to do this right and you want to make sure that the only people who get in your client’s accounts is the client that has a right to be there. You need to hire a person who can do the job and make the app secure. It is not like you want to get just any bum to do this job for you and it is not really like I can tell who is really good and who is not. You need to find some way to learn this sort of thing, but then you need to get the job done right and at a reasonable price. Right now it does not seem that this is going to be done in a hurry whether the boss likes that or not.