How Hard is to Get an App Made?

I was surprised when the boss told me to come out to lunch with him today. In fact I was in no shape to work when we got back, because he seems to think lunch consists of three or four mixed drinks and he expected me to drink with him. However he gave me an assignment and I am not really sure why he picked me. At the same time I do not know who would be a better choice to investigate mobile application development in Singapore here in this office. The trick is going to be pretty good and really complicated, because I do not get the idea that he has a real grasp on the cost of this project. What he needs is something that the clients want and it is pretty obvious when you think on it. Continue reading


The Reason I Started Going to a TCM Clinic

I had no idea that traditional Chinese medicine was as extensive as it is as far as the different diseases that it can treat. I honestly thought before I learned more that it was just acupuncture and herbs, not even considering that it is a viable method to treat some serious conditions. A good friend is the one who convinced me that I may be thinking about it wrong, so I did a search for traditional Chinese medicine for Singapore residents on my computer, and I focused my attention on a local clinic that is not too far from where I live.

One of the reasons why my friend wanted me to look into this is because when we go out to eat, I was not able to enjoy a wide variety of dishes like he and my other friends. Continue reading


A School Trip to Remember

I sometimes miss my high school years. I like to fantasize about the good times I had with my friends and fellow classmates. One Recently, I met up with some of my old friends and we talked about the good old days. One memory that we all had was our trip to Singapore. We had so much fun on that trip. It was so full of many twists and turns. We actually got stranded in Singapore, but a bus charter in Singapore actually saved us and came to our rescue. Their help was greatly appreciated.

We won a trip trough a contest. I was part of my school’s science club. We would compete with students all around the country in quiz bowls. We would face some of the nation’s best and brightest students. Continue reading


I Have a Bundled Package That I Really Like

Not that long ago, I went online to look for a new phone. Mine was over six years old, and I was just having trouble with it. I also wanted to get one that has a nice camera on it because I love to take pictures. The pictures my old phone took were pretty bad though, which shows just how far technology has come in six short years. I found a great deal on one when I saw an ad that said to click here to save money. I went to the link, and it was for ATT services.

I had never had ATT before this, but I knew that I would be able to switch to them with no problems. Continue reading